1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super project

67 Giulia Super

We’re car guys,

We say things like “wouldn’t it be fun to restore a car”. We’ll I’ve gone and done it. Going through all those eBay ad’s, there’s that one little car that strikes your eye. It can’t be that hard.. can it, I know a good body guy, interior guy, and my Alfa Guru mechanic, “Benny at John’s Alfa” of 25 years, it should be pretty straight forward….. I placed the bid at the very last minute, the wife was next to me, if she was watching then it almost seemed ok. And then the seconds counted down, you have won the auction. Oh God, What have I done??

 I picked the car up via AAA flatbed, it didn’t run, but thats ok… it had those original Italian webers from 67, a patina that made you look through the dust, thinking how pretty she’s going to be. 144 miles later my virtually rust free, never hit Alfa was at the shop, yes it was 7:30pm, it was dark, Benny had gone home, the wife was calling, but the car was mine.


~ by evankleinfilms on October 29, 2015.

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