Art Center Car Show 2015

The Art Center 2015 car show had a great bunch of eclectic treasures this year. They did a fantastic job of bringing together an automotive history of who’s who. Of course Art Center is known for their transportation design department so its no surprise to find yourself hobnobbing with our most talented designers, and of course Jay showed up…. need I even say his last name?? Dave Kunz did a great job of interviewing all the guest, Its really great to see the back courtyard filled with these cars. As an art center alumni myself I spent many days on that hill eating sandwiches and shooting my photo assignments. Its nice to see that back yard put to good use!!

Art Center 2015 The car everyone went "What is it?" Group Shot 2015 Group Shot 2015 Actual size. A Tatra kinda day. Whats a car show without an airplane? Alfas!! Beautiful Porsche creation The Body. Tara in the raw. The Pretty girl at the Party Best Lambo. Very original, very fast GTA. And more Alfa's. Harpo made it to the show. Group Shot 2015 Group Shot 2015 Some Lowey, what a party without an Avanti? Future present and future past. Showcars. Single seater. There's always someone that shows up with a Citroen. They let the Alfa's park in front... ok not really.


~ by evankleinfilms on October 28, 2015.

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